Hey all! I’m here to share an exciting creation made by a reader of this comic: character skins for the videogame Freedom Force! If you’re unfamiliar with Freedom Force, here is some extra information:

Freedom Force is one of my favorite videogames, and it still holds up despite being from the early 2000’s. In the game, one can select a team of 4 heroes and go on missions in the classic comicbook-style campaign.

Freedom Force’s best asset is customization. One can create a brand new superhero from scratch– costume, powers, and all– and select it for missions in the main story. I’ve often used Freedom Force to try out new superhero ideas I’ve come up with.
Since the customization is essentially infinite, it never grows stale for me– and I’m not the only one. There’s a whole community of Freedom Force fans who love to create characters and share them with others.

Imagine my elation when checking the Freedom Force forum to find that a member has, without solicitation, made Freedom Force characters of Ion and Echo! Very cool, deanjo2000!