These guys have my gratitude. Let’s give them some applause:

John Nyquist – my dad, who has helped me work out so many aspects of MOST, from brainstorming the story to supplying pizza when necessary.

Laura Nyquist – my mom, who is always exceptionally supportive and helpful, and has supplied healthier meal options than pizza when necessary.

Rob Martin – Rob was incredibly helpful when I was struggling to set up this website. He figured out functionality issues and changed features to improve the aesthetics of the site. Check out his site here!

Shawn Gustafson – whose advice regarding the intricacies of doing a webcomic was invaluable. Check out his webcomic, The Specialists!

Parker and Zack Kaser – who posed as our duo of daring defenders!

…and our phenomenal philanthropists from Patreon!

June 2017 Patrons
John Nyquist • Joyce Mosetic • Kyle Warren

May 2017 Patrons
John Nyquist • Joyce Mosetic